About Us

About Hughes Decorr

We believe that the strength of a company is directly related to the strength of their relationships with all stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and suppliers. The close relationships we have with our customers is built on a foundation of trust and fueled by our passion for innovation. Hughes is relentless in our pursuit of discovering new ways to deliver value to our customers.

In 1961, John F. Hughes launched Hughes Containers that evolved into an award-winning company with a proven track record and reputation anchored to a strong foundation of quality and customer service. We believe that the customer is always the most critical member of our team and are incredibly proud of creating and fostering a culture of collaboration and cooperation.

We build, develop and deliver best in class marketing at retail solutions for maximum impact across your value chain. Our award-winning designs will continue to evolve in tandem with our expanding knowledge of retail trends, shopper marketing, and emerging technologies.

  High Quality and Compliance

  Supply Chain Excellence and Reliability

  Responsiveness and Service

  Speed to Market

  Competitive Pricing

  Quality of Management and Key Personnel

  Shopper Marketing and R&D

Guiding Principles

Our employees create the foundation for our success fueled by a sincere belief in our potential and capabilities.

Demonstrate leadership with courage and commitment to deliver the highest levels of measured success and performance.

Our success depends on our ability to earn the trust and loyalty of all stakeholders – Customers, Employee, Partners, Suppliers.

We work with a sense of urgency to deliver value across the supply chain for every point of contact.

We are local and global with a strong North American footprint that creates the perfect balance between cost savings and productivity.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To be your preferred partner by consistently delivering exceptional value and maximum impact in-store and across your value chain.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We are committed to outstanding service, quality, and design fueled by our Investments in efficiency and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

Hughes Decorr is your preferred partner and trusted advisor when it comes to marketing at retail. Keeping on top of emerging trends, technologies and more demanding shoppers is what we do. We imagine and create solutions designed to perform in harsh environments and get noticed, liked and remembered.

We have a long history of entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. That history includes game-changing developments in papermaking, packaging design and retail solutions, as well as strategically building and strengthening our company’s capabilities over time.
With operations across North America and expertise in every shopping category, we focus on working with brands and retailers to help them win in all retail formats.

Hughes Decorr, a Planet Company, is strategically located in Canada and the US to ensure efficiency and operational excellence for all your design, packaging and logistics needs. We Imagine and Create solutions that deliver maximum impact across your value chain. Award-winning designs, state of the art facilities, technologies, and capabilities combine to deliver excellence across your value chain.


ISO 9001:2015 Registration
Hughes Decorr is ISO 9001:2015 Certified with standing operating procedures in place, to monitor daily activities & processes to ensure Quality, Accuracy & Compliance to our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Our staff members are fully trained to our Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2015.

Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD)/ Site License # 302132 issued by Health Canada
This NHPD License allows Hughes Decorr to label and or relabel & repacking any Natural Health Products that are compliant with Section 29 of the Natural Health Products Regulations.

Drug Establishment License (DEL) Compliant Rated-C License # 102020-A issued by Health Canada
This DEL License allows Hughes Decorr to label and or relabel & repacking Pharmaceutical Products that are under the Compliant-C of Health Canada Drug Establishment Licensing. Our team is thoroughly trained and certified in SOP’s & GMP’s compliant with Health Canada DEL Regulations.

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