Hughes Decorr understands the unique requirements for permanent and temporary displays in all retail environments. Our displays get noticed, liked and remembered using innovative and engaging materials and fixtures. Our in-house research team works with our design studio to ensure alignment with brand strategy and the retail environment. All our displays are strategically designed in accordance with your brand guide and objectives, expertly manufactured and professionally installed. We immerse ourselves in your brand to ensure that we deliver against prescribed goals and become an extension of your marketing team.

  • Temporary Displays
  • Semi-Permanent Displays
  • Interactive Displays
  • Custom POP Display and Assembly
    • Assemble and Co-Packing Case, PDQ, Floor Stand,
    • Quarter, Half & Full Pallet Displays

 Quality Assurance

Our in-house co-packing division – Packmetrics – leverages a proactive approach to quality. Utilizing employee involvement at all levels, we strive to identify operations and quality inefficiencies before they occur. Being proactive allows us to identify potential problems to avert and avoid possible inefficiencies and disruptions. With quality at the forefront of our mission, continuous improvement efforts continue to elevate our capabilities and proven track record.

Our comprehensive checklist is made up of customer requirements combined with over twenty years of industry experience ensures quality at every touchpoint. ISO 9001-certified quality systems and customized job specification equip our employees with accurate and timely information.

Critical Areas Represented in Our Quality Systems 

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Federal Registered and Licensed, DEL Approved Specifications / Assembly Instructions Generated for Each Project
  • Job-Specific Check Sheets
  • Incoming Inspections
  • Prototypes / 1st Inspection Documentation
  • Operator / Assembly Training
  • Lot / Batch Tracking
  • Barcodes Scanned & Verified by ANSI & Traditional Standards

Our Temporary Structural Design Capabilities:

  • Create innovative, yet cost-effective sound structures based on client briefs, expectations, and initially approved concept drawings.
  • Provide white and or full-colour samples, cut and printed in-house for clients approval.
  • Provide planogram layouts of product within the approved structure.
  • Documented lab tested shipping results when requested by the client to ensure structural integrity in-house testing conducted when given a full complement of product.
  • Instruction sheets provided for both co-packing and in-store assembly
  • 1st off samples built and assembled by the design department for clients viewing and satisfaction.
  • Designer present for a co-pack start-up to ensure proper assembly of all new designs.
  • Temporary Displays Include; end caps, aisle, counter, sidewinders, floor, pallet
    Semi-Permanent – end caps, aisle, counter, sidewinders, floor
  • Display Ready Pallets – Floor Displays

Our Graphic Design Capabilities:

  • Create graphic artwork (existing or new) on manufacturing die lines based on Brand Direction and manufacturing requirements.
  • Create additional promotional material related to the brand such as coupons, posters, floor decals, and
  • Create full scale printed mock-ups if required.
  • Verify all printed materials from Supplier for approvals.
  • Verify all printed components for manufacturing capabilities.
  • Obtain translations and legal approvals on all creative through Brand Management.
  • Create visual 3D Renderings adhering the creative for full visual review.

Our Permanent Design Capabilities:

  • Imagine and create premium quality permanent in-store displays, environments, showrooms, trade show booths, mobile sales stands.
  • Oversee the entire design process, from the initial meeting to the concept, to pricing and production/execution.
  • Manufacture from a variety of materials, based on budget, durability requirements, sales impact, and desired consumer experience.
  • Manufacturing capabilities: vac-forming, steel wire, metal tubing, millwork, acrylic bonding, plastic forming, video and sound, vinyl banners, graphic material, lighting.
  • 3D presentation, CAD manufacturing blueprints, animation.
  • Permanent Displays include; end caps, aisle, counter, sidewinders, floor.

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