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Shopper Marketing is the ability to effectively target and understand consumers when they are in shopping mode across an extended value chain.
Our in-house Shopper Marketing Team is obsessed with designing and deploying solutions that leverage “Best in Class” Shopper Marketing Solutions.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Consumer packaged goods face many challenges in-store and online fueled by more demanding consumers and increased competition. Hughes offers a complete solution for all your packaging and display needs as we work closely with our designers and in-house Shopper Marketing Team to ensure maximum impact in-store.

Pet Supplies

Pet products and supplies continue to drive category growth and the launch of new and innovative products. Hughes offers a complete suite of display, packaging and co-packing solutions designed to perform in harsh environments.

Health and Beauty

We understand that the Health and Beauty Category have unique requirements. The health and Beauty category is also a destination shop with natural ingredients and men’s skin care driving the charge. Everything we design creates the perfect balance between design and engagement with maximum impact in-store.

Hardware / Furniture

The Hardware and Furniture Market possess unique and diverse needs for packaging and display requirements. Our capabilities and retail expertise include a wide range of products that include, design and creation of temporary and permanent displays that include fixtures, accessories, tooling and so much more.


Hughes Decorr has extensive experience with fulfilment for packaging and displays for a broad range of confectionary products. The revolution in this category was initiated by a higher allocation of space in-store and online in tandem with retail-ready packaging (RRP).


We create and deploy maximum impact packaging and display solutions for high-value automotive products. Our solutions are designed to drive sales by delivering maximum impact in-store and meet the physical demands of a harsh retail environment.


The Electronics category has unique needs and packaging requirements. Electronic products must be easy pack and ship and stand out in-store. Hughes Decorr offers a wide range of merchandising solutions options to guarantee maximum efficiency across your value chain.

Food and Beverage

Hughes has extensive experience in the Food Category for all your display and packaging needs. Our Design Studio will create the perfect stage to showcase your products and brilliant graphics to engage shoppers. The revolution in the food category was initiated by increasing the demand for retail ready packaging (RRP) and continues to gain momentum with the growth of online sales.

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