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Hughes Decorr is dedicated to developing and deploying marketing solutions and processes that deliver maximum impact in-store and across your value chain.

As retailers evolve in tandem with shoppers, we create innovative solutions leveraging emerging technologies, materials, and innovations that get noticed, liked, and remembered.

  • In-house Design & Graphic Studio
  • In-house Shopper Marketing and Research capabilities
  • Complete fulfillment in co-packing at the customer site or our value-added facilities
  • In-house manufacturing of permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary displays
  • Logistics – Fully managed services and test facilities across North America

Your All-in-One Retail Marketing Solution: Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, and More

From Concept to Customer: End-to-End Marketing-at-Retail Services for Global Brands and Retailers

At Hughes Decorr, we understand the unique requirements for both temporary and permanent displays across all retail environments. Our displays are designed to get noticed, liked, and remembered by using innovative and engaging materials and fixtures that respect and protect the environment.

Our in-house research team collaborates closely with our design team to ensure that every display aligns perfectly with your brand strategy and retail environment. We immerse ourselves in your brand to deliver on prescribed goals, becoming an extension of your marketing team. 

  • Temporary Displays
  • Semi-Permanent Displays
  • Interactive Displays
  • Custom POP Display and Assembly
  • Assembly and Co-Packing for Case, PDQ,
    Floor Stand, Quarter, Half, & Full Pallet Displays

Choose Hughes Decorr for display solutions that meet your needs and enhance your brand’s presence and impact in the retail environment.


Elevate Your Brand

With Comprehensive Marketing-at-Retail Solutions

Good retail marketing strategy creates a consistent and engaging brand presence, aligned across all physical touchpoints, that captivates customers from the moment they step inside your retail stores. Our commitment is to keep every aspect of your in-store marketing strategy true to your brand’s identity, executed flawlessly, on time, and within budget.

We dive deep into the heart of your brand to devise strategies and in-store marketing tactics that strengthen the connection between your brand and your customers; for both new or repeat customers, we want to make sure that your in-store experience is memorable, novel and unique to your brand’s story. 


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