HD 360 Sustainability Platform

Provoking Thought Leadership

Sustainability has always been “top of mind” at Hughes Decorr, and though we operate in an environmentally friendly industry where the primary sourced material is 100% recyclable, our retail display solutions have always been designed with the impact to the environment taken into consideration. Every display is carefully considered to ensure we are using the least amount of materials required, and we are committed to offering display solutions to our customers that eliminate plastics, glues, tapes, solvent based inks, and other environmentally unfriendly substrates.

Yet the challenge has always been, how can we do more?  How can we contribute more towards meaningful environmental changes within our industry? 

Our answer? Through sharing our sustainable efforts with our customers, suppliers, and those within our industry, by being clear and transparent, in a measurable way, about the impact our design decisions can have on the environment we want to create a new awareness, generate excitement, and contribute to lasting change.