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Hughes Decorr Client-Centric Solution

Hughes Decorr (HD) is a leading manufacturer of Marketing-at-Retail Solutions!  We have evolved our corporate strategic positioning to a Client-Centric, Brand Focused Manufacturer of Marketing-at-Retail Group in response the everchanging and evolving retail landscape, consumer behaviour and client requirements. 

Client-Centric Solution

HD has established itself as a trusted strategic partner committed to “Bringing Brands to Life at Retail” and has an unlimited and unwavering commitment to discovery, creativity, and innovation.

This strategic restructure and realignment of HD’s business delivers value across the entire supply chain, ensuring that the evolving needs of clients are delivered on brand, on time, on budget. By combining science, art, and engineering, HD has fostered a culture of innovation that consistently generates results and value for clients, retailers, and shoppers.

Expanding our management resources, capital investment, machinery, technology and capabilities, HD’s transition focuses on elevating all aspects of the business and client services. The company now offers a comprehensive “Single Source Solution” that encompasses design, engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, storage, repacking, assembly, and kitting, powered by the state-of-the-art Inventory Enterprise Solution for marketing-at-retail.

With a mission to deliver Better, Smarter, Faster Marketing-at-Retail Solutions, HD goal is to disrupt the shopper’s journey at the moment-of-sale, elevate the client’s brand equity through purposeful design, and optimize the brand messaging across the retail consumer touchpoints. HD’s dedicated cross-functional team is committed to creating value and delivering projects on brand, on time, and on budget.

Embracing a design-led innovation approach, HD capitalizes on insights and untapped brand potential to develop shopper-inspired, innovative solutions. Guided by value-based management and a disciplined approach, the company consistently creates core strategies that generate the highest value proposition for all stakeholders, including clients, retailers, and shoppers.

As Hughes Decorr looks to the future, our company is poised for continued growth, providing industry-leading Marketing-at-Retail solutions that redefine the landscape.

In summary, What’s New @HD:

  1. “Client-Centric, Brand Focused” Integrated Team Approach: HD embraces a collaborative and integrated approach, placing the client and brand at the center of its efforts.
  2. State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility and Equipment Capability: Investing in cutting-edge manufacturing infrastructure ensures HD’s ability to deliver high-quality solutions to its clients.
  3. Distribution Center of Excellence: The establishment of a new 4PL Supply Chain Integrator and Distribution Center of Excellence that enhances HD’s logistics capabilities, facilitating efficient and timely delivery.
  4. Warehousing, Storage & Assembly 3PL and 4PL Facilities: The addition of comprehensive warehousing, storage, and assembly facilities optimizes HD’s supply chain operations.
  5. Six Sigma Achievement: HD’s commitment to operational excellence is exemplified by achieving Six Sigma, driving efficiency, and reducing waste throughout the organization.
  6. Inventory Enterprise System (IES) Technology: HD leverages the power of advanced technology to provide clients with a streamlined and seamless experience for search, selection, and ordering.
  7. Digital Printing Capabilities: With expanded digital printing capabilities, HD empowers brands to captivate consumers with visually striking and engaging retail experiences.
  8. “Planet Approved” Sustainability Platform: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, HD introduces a platform that aligns its operations with environmentally responsible practices.
  9. Extended Marketing Services: HD now offers an extended range of marketing services, providing clients with end-to-end solutions for their marketing-at-retail needs.