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Raising the Bar on Women’s Health Education with Connected Packaging

In 2016, Ida Tin coined the phrase “FemTech” to describe technology enabled consumer-centric products and services to support health issues that only (or disproportionately) impact women.

Historically, it is documented that this area of investment has been chronically underfunded relative to comparable research in general populace and male specific health challenges.

This is highlighted in a recent report published by the World Economic Forum (Closing the Women’s Health Gap: A $1 Trillion Opportunity to Improve Lives and Economies, January 2024).

Statistically, women live longer than men.  But the report states that while women live longer, they spend 25% more of their lives in debilitating health.

While the WEF buckets the causes of this health gap as science specific to women, a lack of relevant data, quality of care and investment, there is a case for brands and retailers to help facilitate change through education.

As consumers shop in physical retail spaces, they are increasingly engaged with their hand-held devices using this tool as part of that experience.

Raising the Bar on Women’s Health Education with Connected Packaging


At Hughes-Decorr, we believe this is an opportunity to engage with women to better understand their specific health concerns.

The inset example is a perfect illustration of how the consumer can be motivated with a strong call to action that inspires them to learn more by scanning the QR code.

It is not just a QR code, but a gateway to empower women with knowledge.

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