We believe the demand for packaging is expected to grow globally, with sales expected to reach the $1 trillion mark by 2021. The Future of Packaging is looking good because the role of packaging is continuously evolving. Packaging will continue to play a critical role in product safety, efficient distribution, protective packaging, continuous innovation, evolving design and meeting the needs of shoppers and brands. Market dynamics are changing and staying ahead of current, and emerging technologies in a Bricks and Clicks world will no longer be an option.

The Future of Packaging according to Hughes

  1. Don’t just evolve packaging, transform packaging to meet “Head On” the critical challenges across the value chain.
  2. Packaging will continue to tell a new story that is greener, cheaper, faster to produce with greater strength and barrier protection to stand up to a harsh e-commerce environment
  3. The retail environment is shifting as new consumer lifestyles, new industries and new places of commerce emerge. The explosion of Private Brands, technology advancements and newly connected supply chains will challenge the status quo.
  4. Packaging must be aligned with changing consumer demands which fall into two categories
    1. The Packaging Road Warrior- Concerned for the environment, waste, depletion of resources and carbon costs and will support brands that align with their values
    2. The joyful shopper that fully embraces the joy and convenience of a consumer-driven society and is relentless in their pursuit of value and relevance.
  5. Packaging is at a crossroads, and beautiful packaging designed to inspire and entice shoppers must also be sustainable, relevant and stand up in harsh retail environments.
  6. Packaging companies need to be ready for a challenging future that demand new skills, new partners, new materials and processes.

Hughes Packaging Capabilities

  • Gift Packs
  • Club Packs
  • Retail-Ready Packaging
  • Clear & Printed Shrink Banding
  • High-Speed Shrink Wrapping
  • Shrink – Wrapped Single or Multi-Pack Units & Club Packs
  • Blister Sealing
  • Blister Forming & Sealing
  • Blister Packs & Clamshells
  • Skin Packaging
  • Flow Wrapping & Bundle Wrapping
  • Relabeling
  • Product Labeling / Seeding / Neck – Tagging

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