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Raising the Bar on Women’s Health Education with Connected Packaging

Raising the Bar on Women’s Health Education with Connected Packaging

In 2016, Ida Tin coined the phrase “FemTech” to describe technology enabled consumer-centric products and services to support health issues that only (or disproportionately) impact women. Historically, it is documented that this area of investment has been chronically underfunded relative to comparable research in general populace and male specific health challenges. This is highlighted in …

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The Benefits of 3D Rendering POS Displays

hand of a person holding a pen and using a computer mouse

In retail, the design of a store plays a pivotal role in attracting customers and driving sales. To this end, 3D rendering is an essential tool when it comes to creating engaging Point of Sale (POS) displays. This technology’s ability to produce accurate and lifelike marketing fixtures offers huge advantages. In this blog, we dive …

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Pet Friendly Office

pet-friendly office- featured

Creating a pet-friendly office environment has been lauded for its numerous benefits, such as reducing stress, boosting morale, and fostering a more congenial and collaborative atmosphere. For a company like Hughes Decorr, which prides itself on a culture of innovation and creativity as evidenced by their wide range of capabilities from design and manufacturing to …

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The Influence of Branding: A Retail Revolution


Branding is no longer just a name, a logo, or a label – it’s the lifeblood of modern retail. The impact of branding extends beyond aesthetics; it’s the driving force that shapes the retail landscape and influences consumer choices. In today’s competitive market, branding is the key to survival and success. Connect with Hughes Decorr …

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Thanksgiving Gratitude Meets Sustainability: A Season to Reflect

Happy Thanksgiving - featured

As the leaves take on their golden hues and the air turns crisp, Canadians eagerly prepare for the beloved tradition of Thanksgiving. It’s a time when we gather with family and friends, sharing delicious feasts and heartfelt expressions of gratitude. But beyond the festivities, this season also offers us a unique opportunity to reflect on …

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Redefining Design: Transforming Expectations in Branding

The Cardboard Transformer - Featured

In the world of design and brand packaging, innovation knows no bounds. It’s about pushing the boundaries, breaking free from convention, and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. At Hughes Decorr, we are passionate about redefining the way brands present themselves to the world. And what better way to illustrate this commitment than by showcasing …

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Hughes Decorr Client-Centric Solution

Client-Centric Solution - feature image

Hughes Decorr (HD) is a leading manufacturer of Marketing-at-Retail Solutions!  We have evolved our corporate strategic positioning to a Client-Centric, Brand Focused Manufacturer of Marketing-at-Retail Group in response the everchanging and evolving retail landscape, consumer behaviour and client requirements.  HD has established itself as a trusted strategic partner committed to “Bringing Brands to Life at …

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CPG Industry Marketing-at-Retail Challenges

CPG Industry Marketing-at-Retail - Featured

The consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry faces several marketing-at-retail challenges that can impact their overall success. By understanding and addressing these marketing-at-retail challenges, CPG companies can position themselves for success in a highly competitive and rapidly changing industry. Key Marketing-at-Retail Challenges: 1. Increasing competition: The CPG industry is highly competitive, with numerous brands and products vying …

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Unveiling the Power of Hughes Decorr’s Inventory Enterprise Solution – IES™

Hughes Decorr's Enterprise Inventory Solutions - featured image

At Hughes Decorr, we are beyond the business of creating marketing at retail materials; we’re dedicated to creating integrated packaging solutions and seamlessly managing the entire packaging supply chain. Our Distribution Centre is powered by our proprietary Inventory Enterprise Solution (IES™). With IES™, we offer a seamless integration for our clients: Store, Manage, and Distribute. …

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Hughes Decorr POPOP

Hughes Decorr POPOP featured image

Rethinking, Reinventing and Transforming the Brand Experience at Retail Hughes Decorr (i.e., HD) Power of Point-of-Purchase (i.e., POPOP) disrupts the shopper behaviour at retail and elevates the shopper experience through our understanding of consumer innovative and unique purposeful, brand-inspired creative designs.  HD POPOP serves as a great advertising billboard within the retail environment to share …

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