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Understanding the benefits of supporting local manufacturers of marketing at retail solution

Leaner Smarter Faster

Leaner. Smarter. Faster. Understanding the benefits of supporting local manufacturers of marketing at retail solutions for displays, merchandising, POP/POS (Point of Purchase/Point of Sale) can have several positive benefits. It strengthens supply chain resilience, encourages collaboration and innovation, provides a competitive advantage, ensures product quality and customization, and reduces environmental impact,. By choosing local manufacturers, …

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HD Team 2023 BBQ Summer Fest

The Moose-is-on-the-Loose

Special Guest Appearance – New Visions Toronto “The Moose-is-on-the-Loose” Brand Ambassador. We are thrilled to share the unforgettable event at our HD Annual Employee Summer BBQ Fest 2023. We had the honor of hosting the New Visions Toronto Brand Ambassador Team, accompanied by their beloved Moose. New Visions Toronto is a remarkable non-profit organization providing …

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5 Advantages of Manufacturers at Retail Solutions with internal Creative Design Studio Delivering effective and efficient results for CPG brand owners

HD People

BETTER, FASTER, LEANER Manufacturers of marketing at retail solutions that boast internal creative design studios provide significant advantages for CPG brand owners and their procurement teams. These advantages include custom solutions that capture brand vision, end-to-end expertise in design and engineering, streamlined procurement and project management, cost optimization, and a speed-to-market advantage. By partnering with …

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HD Transformation Journey

HD Transformation

HD is pleased to share our new corporate strategic repositioning and transformation to a Client-Centric, Brand Focused Marketing-at-Retail Group.  HD is recognized as a trusted strategic partner dedicated to “Bringing Brands to Life”. Hughes Decorr’s business restructure and alignment will deliver value across the entire supply chain to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We have created …

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